Tina Sereda

Tina Sereda

1414 W Garland Ave Suite 100 Spokane WA 99205
(509) 990-7698

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Real Estate Professional

Specialties: Buyer's agent, Listing agent, Legal, Staging

I believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to own a home. I believe that this vision of home is different and unique for all people and that it is my duty to help you honor and manifest that vision. I believe that everyone deserves to feel the power of undivided attention and care and I intend to infuse this into every interaction. I believe that love should be infused in the essence of everything we do and that as we connect with others and help them build their dreams, so too do ours manifest. I believe in faith and guidance and that we are connected to all those around us and it is our duty to maintain a positive environment wherever we go. I believe in the power of a smile and laughter and I infuse fun into all of my endeavors. I believe in community and that it is our responsibility to contribute positively wherever it is needed. I believe in courage and determination to face obstacles with grace and grit. I believe in honor and authenticity in words, in actions, in deeds. I believe in respect and collaboration across all cultures. I believe that stagnation is the end of a valuable business and that personal and professional growth is paramount to our success in life, in business, in love. I believe in growing our community of like-minded clients, businesses, partnerships, friends, and peers and providing a fulfilling and sustainable relationship over the long haul. I believe each day is a gift that we get to share with those around us and to leave those we encounter feeling better than they were when they arrived at our doorstep. I believe that giving someone a key to their home can also be the key to unlocking their destiny. I believe that home is where it all begins and that journey starts with us. Now, that you know a little about what my values are, let's connect at, (509) 990-7698, over a cup of coffee or tea to discuss your real estate goals.

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